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We help audit, evaluate, strategize and execute the roadmap to your marketing success when and where you need us. No more and no less. What this means is that we will not try to shoe-horn you into existing monolithic promotions or packages. With Codeintel, your marketing success is on a road paved by creative and agile deployments that are directly in line with where you currently stand today and where you want to be tomorrow, next month, next year, next decade.


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mortgage website design

Whether company, branch or LO, we will design your website(s) from scratch, using your brand as the foundation from which to create user journeys that reflect, complement and enhance your identity, messaging, industry posture and your priorities. (We do not use shared sets of design templates, nor content.)

digital optimization

Whether it is performance, SEO or fine-tuning your content strategy, we work with you (or do it for you) to ensure that your deployments are optimized for success, maximal efficiency and ROI.

content marketing

It has been said that content is inarguably the present and future of marketing. Good, strong, relevant content that is in line with your brand and messaging is a must, yet for many clients that is usually the first area of compromise (or neglect) in any given marketing initiative. At Codeintel, we preach CONTENT. Good. Clean. ORIGINAL. Compelling. Useful. Content. We steer clear of (and recommend against) shared sources of content which dilute authenticity and influence.

marTech integration

Today's marTech ecosystem is a canvas that is often shared by multiple service, providers and technologies - from reputation management, to CRMs to origination and processing platforms. We are prepared to seamlessly integrate with your platforms of choice to facilitate maximal operational efficiency and ROI.

lead generation

The ability to grow, manage and sustain a full pipeline is often a function of effective Lead Generation strategies. These initiatives can run the gamut from simple (and single-platform deployments) to complex integrated, multi-platform efforts with sophisticated contingencies ranging from API to artificial intelligence. Whether the scoped effort is large or small, we can drive your Lead Generation - whether we quarterback and execute the full effort or collaborate with other services or providers or your choice.

website compliance

Mortgage lenders navigate a road replete with regulations and compliance requirements. As your partner, we make it our responsibility to help ensure that your compliance requirements are met (WCAG, Security, Privacy etc.)

complimentary audits

Curious about your website's performance, accessibility, and other compliance scores? If you are a mortgage company, branch or Loan Officer and you are interested in having your website(s) audited, please click here to learn more.

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