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If you are part of the top 1%ers in skills, disposition, drive, attitude, and discipline - if you are on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery, and are seeking to discover just how great you can really be, then we invite you into a conversation to explore working with us at Codeintel.

But be ready for a challenge! At Codeintel, you will work hard. Probably harder than you have ever worked before.

We work intelligently, we work strategically, we work fast, we work with care, intention, focus and accountability.
We. Work. Hard.
And we will expect you to match our pace, intensity and passion.

We are also loving, transparent and real. No egos. No superstars. No heroes. We care deeply and we honor your humanity as a precious gift and blessing, and we welcome you to join us on this transformative journey.

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web & application engineer

back end
laravel, lamp, aws, git

front end developer

front end
html, css, js, git, psd, ai

ui/ux designer

psd, ai

client & project manager

customer satisfaction, project management, traffic coordinator, client lifecycle management

hero shape hero shape

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